Narcissistic Abuse Leaves You Feeling Vulnerable & Alone

Safe Support is Imperative to Your Recovery

We are a growing network of narcissistic abuse recovery providers working together to offer safe support for our fellow survivors. It’s our mission to help you get the support you need in your recovery from narcissistic abuse. We vet each provider listed here and offer training and certification to increase their effectiveness in supporting you during this difficult time.

Safe Narcissistic Abuse Recovery


Find & connect with your own personal narcissistic abuse recovery team.

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Optimize your narcissistic abuse recovery experience by taking one of our assessments.

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Convenience & Confidentiality

Find your ideal narcissistic abuse recovery providers through our easy-to-navigate system.

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Online Support

Trusted support, including one-on-one coaching, therapy, and support groups are available for narcissistic abuse recovery online.

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Get Help Wherever You Are

Get safe narcissistic abuse recovery support from the comfort of your own home at your convenience.

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Provider Reviews

One of the most important ways we can identify safe and unsafe providers is through survivor reviews.

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We are building a network of trusted narcissistic abuse recovery providers.

As narcissistic abuse recovery therapists, coaches, creators, and survivors, we have heard too many horror stories from survivors who trusted the wrong person. That’s why we have created this system to help you stay safe in your recovery from narcissistic abuse. 

Do you support survivors of narcissistic abuse?