Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Safe Support Alliance

We are a group of therapists, coaches, creators, and supporters of survivors of narcissistic abuse who are working together to create safer support for narcissistic abuse recovery.


Our Mission

Advocating for Safe Support in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

As narcissistic abuse recovery therapists, coaches, creators, and survivors, we have heard too many horror stories from survivors who trusted the wrong person. That’s why we have created this system to help you stay safe in your recovery from narcissistic abuse. 

Our vision is to create and nurture a network of safe and trusted providers of narcissistic abuse recovery support.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep survivors of narcissism safe in recovery by advocating for safe therapeutic and coaching relationships through the establishment of a shared set of guidelines and a pledge to ensure we’re supporting our fellow survivors safely.

We hope that by collaborating with other support providers and investigating complaints against providers when clients report painful,  negative experiences, we can begin to help change the landscape of online narcissistic abuse recovery. 

We are helping professionals who want better ways to support clients in their recovery and educating the public about this disorder and its indicators of abuse and exploring what leads to antisocial behavior and what might ameliorate it.

Our Vision

We believe that knowledge is power, but that safety comes first.  As more and more survivors of narcissistic abuse come out and join the conversation about their experiences, it is a vital time to help educate and advocate for the need to support survivors.

It is our vision to come together and help therapists, coaches, creators, and supporters of survivors to practice within their areas of expertise safely and without causing any harm to clients, viewers, readers, or to any survivor with whom they have contact.

We will collaborate in practicing safe support to ensure the emotional and psychological safety of our fellow survivors.

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to Build a Safe Support System for Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

If you’re a therapist, coach, creator, or supporter of narcissistic abuse survivors, join us in our effort to safely support them in their recovery.

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